In this video Erin Manning will talk about tips & techniques to help people prepare for their presentations. How to prepare? What to expect? Dos and Don’ts. From concept to execution – it’s all here!


    – Review your promotional pieces: are you covering what’s advertised?
    – Make the information relevant: what’s important to the audience?
    – Don’t commercialize your product: give people valuable information.
    – Clarify your core message, then create an outline.
    – Give examples, use research findings, recommend other sources of information.
    – Don’t be too serious, people love to laugh: tell stories.
    – Organize your presentation by stating your purpose and what’s covered, giving information and then reminding them.
    – Limit each slide to one idea: less is more.
    – Images are so powerful: use them in your presentation.
    – Make your text legible: 30 point size is the minimum.
    – If you use graphs, make sure they are clear and simple (big and bold).
    – Know your material, don’t just read your slides.
    – Know the length of your session, and time your presentation accordingly. Try to leave 10 minutes at the end, for questions and answers.
    – If there’s more than one speaker find out the timing, the format, and what you should contribute (the moderator should be in contact with you, prior to the session).
    – Practice presentation in front of friend, family, the mirror, or videotape for review.
    – Rest your voice the day before, stay hydrated!
    – Wear business professional clothing: solid, flattering colors are best.
    – Things to bring: computer, AC cord, VGA-DVI connector, bottled water, cough drops, remote, back-up of your presentation.
    – Keep in mind: the meeting room may be used before and after your presentation.
    – Check your lighting and equipment.
    – Meet and greet your audience.
    – Establish eye contact with your audience: connect with a few friendly faces.
    – State your purpose, and lay out your agenda.
    – Avoid distracting your audience: watch your body language.
    – Show some enthusiasm, and your audience will too.
    – Watch the time: people have tight schedules.
    – Have fun, it’s contagious!


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